Monday, December 3


OK, I really really can't stand it when you crank up some music in your car or wherever and some idiot just has to go "Oh, this song is so old." SO FUCKING WHAT? Is there some law that says you can only listen to music that is just released? Is there like an expiry date on music? Am I deemed not cool if I happen to like listening to music that is 'dated'? Oh, I'm not talking about classic songs or anything, just like songs that may have been released at the beginning of this year or something. If one more fucker questions the songs I play in my car they can fucking get out and walk.

Rant over.

P.S. I am so in love with this song right now. This was the best sound quality video I could find. The song is 'They'll Never Know" by Ross Copperman.

Tuesday, November 27


So, haven't posted anything here for a while. Been really busy with work lately, did 5 shifts last week, and doing 6 this week. And they're crazy shifts, like 10 hours or my longest yet, 13! Can't wait to get paid!

OMG I love the holidays. I love working, and going out with work people. Although I miss my non-work friends, I feel like I havent seen ANY of youse in yonks! But yeh, went to Metros last Saturday with work people, and then Burswood on Sunday with work people again. I think I like work people coz they tend to be more, er, liberal with the drinks. Heh. Got work at 5 tonight, then going to the manager's birthday afterwads. Should be good. And then I'm going Newport Wednesday night with Gabs, then karaoke with work people on Friday. Yes, ain't I a party animal. Rawr. *meows*

Anyhoo, between all that work and going out, I feel like I havent actually had time to sit down and do nothing in a while. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, I like keeping busy, being productive. (Who would have thought, this time last year, that I would actaully like going to work?!)

But the downside is that I haven't seen my family in a while, they're usually at work by the time I drag myself out of bed, and they're all sleeping when I get home. Even on weekends, I sleep the whole day then rush to work. I just realised I got a haircut 2 days ago and no-one in my family has seen it yet! *blink blink*

Anyhoo, all this work work work means moolah in my bank, which means I have to go shopping or something. Dunno if I can be bothered going shopping before work today though, see who wants to go with me I suppose.

Alright, I'm out! (... of the closet)

P.S. Anyone still read this thing? Leave a comment if you do, even if it is anonymous, just so I can gauge whether or not I should even bother updating this thing.

Thursday, November 1

Thursday, October 25


So, if you look at the top right hand corner of this blog, there's a nifty little countdown timer. What's it couting down to? End of exams, of course! After which I will be free free freeee as a bird. Oh, but will be working heaps, hopefully. To save up for the holiday of a lifetime! Hawaii! Woot woot so excited. :D

And yes, the only reason why I'm updating this dinosaur of a blog is cause Ive got an essay due tomorrow. Worth 45%. I'm about 70% there I reckon. But I have to finish it today. Coz I've got work tonight. It will be my second night of my 5-shifts-in-a-row mania. That's nuts I tells ya! But I think of the moolah. And Hawaii!

Thursday, October 18

So, here's the video of Westlife's 'Home'. Imagine sitting in the seat behind Nicky on a plane!

And Michael Buble's 'Lost', just so he doesn't feel left out.

Wednesday, September 19


Ok, so I just found out that Westlife is going to cover "Home", by the irresistible Michael Buble. OMG! Which version is going to be better? I don't know! I like them both! But I think I'm a bit partial to Buble, just coz he's hot, and also coz he did it first. Bloody Westlife and their covers. But I must admit, their version does sound nice.

Ha, I know what you're thinking. She doesn't post for over a month and this is the first thing she posts? Yes, so what?

Anyhoo, here's both versions.

Friday, August 17


Hmm, time for another blog methinks. Well, been working heaps. Between uni and work, I don't seem to have enough time (or motivation!) to do other things. Including tute readings but ppfftt, who does them anyway?

Oh yeh! We got burglarised! I came home from work the other day at 3am, and saw a cop car parked outside and the lights in my house on. Anyhoo, turns out that someone jumped the fence into our backyard and took off with my brother's weights and dumbbells. My dad heard a noise and ran outside and saw someone and yelled at him. The person took about 20kg worth of weights, including the bar. The funny thing was he left his thongs behind when my dad surprised him, and the cops bagged that up and took it away. What are they going to do, run tests on it?? Start patrolling the streets looking for a barefooted bogan? (I'm assuming its a bogan.) But yeh we'll claim insurance, lucky they didn't take anything else.

In other news, I'm on Facebook! Er, yeah.

Saturday, July 28

Uni Angst (I like that word - ANGST!)

Hmm, haven't written anything in here for a while. Well, I guess there's nothing new to report. Semester 2 has started, blah blah. Oh yeh. I know what I can talk about! Well, as you may or may not know, I was enrolled in Science/Commerce for the first two years before I switched into Health Science/Commerce. Well, turns out that I've got too many level 1 science units, and I'm missing 12 points of level 2 science units. As in, I don't graduate if I don't have them. This means I will be overloading this semester (again) and next semester as well, and the one after that as well. Well, as much as a pain this is, I'm just glad that I found this out now while I still have time to deal with it. Imagine how pissed I would be if I finish my 5 years only to be told: nope, you can't graduate. So yeh, more fun times ahead with the overloading. But, I did get all Distinctions last sem, so can't be all that bad huh. (Yes, I know I'm bragging, I don't care, I fucking deserve it!) OR, I might be able to credit two of my level 1 science units as a level 2, in which case I won't need to overload. I'm kinda waiting for an email to decide my fate.

Ok, I don't care if none of youse got what I just typed, to you it might sound like blah blah uni blah points credit blah. But yeh that's about my main worry at the moment.

Oooh! I just got off the phone with Gabs!! From Singapore! How exciting! :D

Ok what else. Been working, did 8 hours last night, 6 the night before. Got work again tonight. My feet hurt. No, scrub that. My legs hurts. Like my whole entire leg, from standing long hours I guess. That, or as my brother puts it so eloquently (sp?) "It's coz you're fucking fat."

And on that happy note, I'm off!

Sunday, July 22

'Arry Pothead!

WARNING: Don't read unless you want to know what happens in Harry Potter!

Ok, so I can't not do a Harry Potter post. All the cool kids are doing it!

So yeah. WOW. What a book. What an ending. I'm amazed at all the details which seem to all end up perfectly explained in this book, all the little bits and pieces of information from the previous seven books which ties in all beautifully in the last book. It makes me wonder though, if the author really had it all planned out from the first book, or whether a lot of the things were kinda made up as she went along. Things like, I dunno, all the pensieve moments of James as school kids. Or the not-so-subtle hints at Aberforth being Dumbledore's brother. Or all the charms and spells. But then again, this is the Harry Potter world, where magic seems to make anything seem possible. Or at the very least, offer an explanation to any abnomalies.

And I'm glad Snape was not the baddie. Kinda expected it though, with all those hints throughout the books of Dumbledore having an iron-clad reason to trust him. But. I did not like how the reason was coz he was in love with Lily Evans! I mean, WTF?! That's bordering on a soap opera twist! At least he wasn't Harry's father though. Even though that would've been impossible, as Harry is meant to be a dead-ringer for James Potter. Except for the eyes, he has Lily's eyes. Sheeze, how many times has that been rammed down our throats. But yeh he ended up naming one of his kids Albus Severus, with the other kids James and Lily. Kinda unfair how he got to pick, or at least was a major force in deciding the names of his kids. I mean, Ginny had lost family members too, I thought at least one of them would've been a Fred. Maybe James' middle name is Fred. Although that's not a very middle-name-ish name, issit?

Hmmm what else. Oh yeh, I had this amazing theory on Aunt Petunia being a closet witch, or Dudley having powers, and I dunno, doing something. But no, they kinda just went into hiding in the second chapter, and that was the last they were ever mentioned of again. I also read somewhere online that Dumbledore and/or McGonagall had spouses, I had this wild idea that Dumbledore had a wife with magical mystical powers. Or at least had had a secret love affair with McGonagall. *sniggers*

Got more stuff, but kinda can't be bothered doing this blogging thing no more. Gonna go see if there are any online discussion posts for the new book!

Thursday, July 19

Nude Shoes

Inspired by this post

I dunno. I used to think nude shoes looked a bit weird, coz its flesh-coloured and that. Well, I guess flesh-coloured if you're pinky-yellowy in colour, not if you're black or anything. Anyway, I digress. (Sheeze I always hated people who said I digress in blogs. Well, if you can't beat them...) ANYHOO. Lately I've been thinking that nude shoes would be so cool! Then I see this post on the iamfashion site.

They would match everything and anything! Coz they're basically just extensions of your legs, so they'll guarantee match whatever you're wearing! And I think they elongate your legs. So yeh. Purty.

Damn, I wish I needed new shoes. Shouldn't buy any more, considering I have like 3 new pairs I still haven't worn. The black denim-y pointy toe high heels, the black velvety stacked peep-toe heel and the pink strappy one. See, I remember them all! I just don't remember them when it actually comes to deciding what to wear when going out.

In other news, I can't believe Harry Potter got leaked! Well, it's not so surprising, I mean, given the high demand and interest in the books and the mass-coordination and all that that would go into shipping and delivering and that. But still! I'm really afraid that I'll be reading my normal sites and the spoiler "Voldemort is Harry Potter's father!" or something will pop up. Hehe, what a Star-Wars-ian twist.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a picture of the Harry Potter kids. I'm sure most of you would have seen this by now (well, those of you who stalk numerous celebrity/fashion sites anyway).

I think the wind is blowing it so it looks weird, but I love Katie's dress! Er. Except her purple burns victim leggings and matching shoes. But yeh. The dress looks like a water painting! Me likes very much. Hehe, and before I went to watch the movie, I thought the blonde next to Rupert was the actress who played Ginny, not Luna Lovegood. Hehe. I thought she dyed her hair or something.

Wednesday, July 18

Simpsonized Me

Meet the Simpsonized version of me! Hehe, stolen from someone's blog, it was too fun to resist!

Here's the link:

Sunday, July 15

All work and no play...

Been pretty busy with work lately. Had training on Monday, did nearly 9 hours on Tuesday, 8 on Wednesday, 7 and a half on Friday and 8 hours last night. Got home at 3, I was working at the bar and it was so hectic! Coz Christina Aguilera was staying at the Hyatts, and all her back-up dancers and band and that came to the bar after the show. Man, it was nuts! I was in a constant state of panic. Got $22 worth of tips though, which is good. Oh, got slapped on the bum as a thank-you, which was not good. Sleazy bastard. Anyway, the plan was to go to Niche (?) in Subi after work, with the back-up dancers, coz one of my work mates wanted to go. But by the time we finished we were just so knackered, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and pass out. Which I did. They weren't hot anyway. :P

P.S. Who wants to go watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix with me? Hmm, let me rephrase that: Wee when you free next week? Hee. I really wanna watch it before the 7th book comes out, to get me in the Harry Potter mood.

Monday, July 2


So, I have just done up my timetable for Semester 2, and it is the most fucked up timetable ever! On Wednesday, I will have: a lecture at 9, a 2 hour tute at 10, a lecture at 12, a tute at 1, another tute at 2, and then I'll run to catch the second half of a 2 hour lecture at 3. How fun! And I can't change it, as there isn't alot of options. Blehh.

In other news, my shift for tonight was cancelled so now I have changed out of my pjs for nothing. Blehh.

Sunday, July 1

P+P + MB = S2

Hehe. Combining my two current loves/infatuations, Michael Buble and Pride and Prejudice. You don't have to watch them if you don't want to, its more so I don't have to look for them everytime I wanna watch them. :P Hehe, can you spot the fake?

Thursday, June 28


You're a falling star, you're the getaway car
You're the line in the sand when I go too far
You're the swimming pool, on an August day
And you're the perfect thing to see

And you play your card, but it's kinda cute
Ah, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do
Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true
Cause you can see it when I look at you

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, you make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything

You're a carousel, you're a wishing well
And you light me up, when you ring my bell
You're a mystery, you're from outer space
You're every minute of my everyday

And I can't believe, uh that I'm your man
And I get to kiss you baby just because I can
Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through
And you know that's what our love can do

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, you make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything

So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, you make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything
You're every song, and I sing along
Cause you're my everything
Yeah, yeah

So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Wednesday, June 27


During my usual scouring of fashion sites and blogs and whatnot, I kinda decided that I want boots. I have been undecided on boots for ages, at one stage I really wanted to buy a pair but then I didn't end up getting them. And then I didn't want them anymore. And then I did. And then I thought, I don't want to be old and look back on 'retro' pictures of the noughties and think, woah, boots were all the craze then but then not being able to show my grandkids a picture of their cool granny in boots. Aaanywayy. The main reason why I am yet to own a pair is because I need to look for one with the perfect heel height. As much as I like the look of stiletto boots, I know im my heart of hearts that they are impractical and I wouldn't be able to wear them often. I was about to get flat boots before, but I dunno, they kinda remind me of Puss in Boots or something.

Anyway, back to the whole point of this post. I found the perfect boot! (Er, not that I've been looking very hard in the first place.) Anyway, it goes a little something like this:

Close up of heel:

Seee? It's not too high, but not completely flat either.

Except. These boots are from Urban Outfitters, in the U.S. I want a pair exactly like this! Black, suede, the heel! I also like how its not very buckle-y or embellished, as I'll be able to wear it more often.

Anyhooo. (Sheeze, I take a while to get to the point huh?) Do you think I'll be able to find something like this in K-Mart or something? I'm willing to fork out around $50 for it, or up to $100 if it's really good stuff (in which case not from K-mart).

Damn, I better get them quick before winter goes away.

Monday, June 25

My life in bullets

It's time for another post, methinks. In bullets. Yeh. Coz I'm such a busy person and all.

- Went Metros on Saturday. It was raining. Saw a SHITLOAD of familiar people (read: CI people, high school people, work people, uni people). I had fun, but it kinda reconfirmed why clubbing is not really my thing. You know, the sweaty sweaty people, the drunken leers, the little kids. The little kids! I swear, I felt so ancient. Maybe also coz my hair was in a bun, as I just came from work. Anyhoo, best bit was going for century egg and pork porridge at Billy Lee's afterwards. Nothing beats a nice warm bowl of soul food. Yeh, good for your soul.

- What else. Hmm, going for a haircut this Wednesday. Think my hair's getting too long already. I always get it nipped in places, for example like when you sit on a chair and lean on your hair then somehow manage to yank it. OWCH. Or when I'm on my laptop in bed, and it somehow ends up being nipped in my armpits?? ANd then you move your head and it hurts like crap coz I'm pulling the hair? Or it gets stuck in your bra strap? Haha. Tell me this happens to everyone with long hair, and not just me? This is the longest my hair has been in yonks, so I guess I'm not really that used to it. I also find that when I'm brushing my hair I only brush from my scalp to around shoulder length, so the ends are still tangled. Habit, I guess. Hee. Man, I'm a noob.

- Ummm what else. Had work Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Saturday night was fun, as it was the Adultshop Boobalicious Ball. That was fun.

- Oooh ooh! My bro's fishies had babies, and they're the brooding type. As in, the eggs hatch in their mouths. It's really cute, you can see the little black eyeballs showing through the skin. So what we did was, my bro took the fish out of water and I pried the mouth open with a toothpick and all the little fishies just swam out. They were so cute! We had a panic moment went two little babies ended up on the floor and we couldn't pick it up as they were so small (they were about the size of a grain of rice). But we rescued them in the end. In case you're wondering, you're meant to do that toothpick thing so you can save more babies. The internet said so, so it must be right. Keeping fishes is quite cool actually, although I'll never admit it to my brother. It's fascinating how the males turn colour when they're mating, and only the dominant male is allowed to have the little yellow spots, and they mate in the rocks (fish sex!) and the catfish comes and tries to eat the eggs. Well, I think it's interesting.

- Going shopping with Yen today. Sadly, not the clothes type of shopping. Grocery shopping, actually. Gonna make me some minstrone soup. Mmmmm, nothing beats soup on a cold and rainy day. I just need a good book, and I'm set.

- Speaking of the weather, WTF type of weather is this? It's been raining every single day since exams finshed. Lucky Yee Min (and soon to be Gabs) are able to excape this by going to New York, as its summer there. Damn, they're gonna be sooo nice and tanned when they get back. I still can't believe they're in/going to New York, it just sounds so exotic and fabulous! I jealous. :( I better get awesome souvenirs, bitches!

Umm yeh. Ended up writing quite a bit huh. I know, it defeats the whole purpose of doing them in bullets when I end up writing like a paragraph for each point anyway. Anyhoo. Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Friday, June 22

Keep It Real

I just read in the paper that a New Zealand couple was not allowed to name their son '4Real'. Apparently they chose that name when they saw his ultrasound and realised how real he was, or something stupid like that.

And I thought Jia Jia was bad. Heh.

Next topic. I looovveeee not having exams anymore. I don't think it was the actual studying that got me worried, it was more the guilt. You know, the guilt of having the thought of study in the back of your mind while you watch Neighbours. And Big Brother. And Big Brother uplate. When you surf the net, reading celebrity gossip blogs. When you start on a new book (as in, a fiction book, not a text book), when you've got an exam the next day. Especially when the book is 'Looking for Alibrandi', which you've read before. Yeh. No more guilt!

Went shopping yesterday with the G-meister. We went Garbo instead of caro, as we're both made of money and needed to but something real, as opposed to just random stuff you buy because its cheap. I came home with: a black chunky knit jumper from Myer, a blue henley top from Myer, a tan belt from Dotti, black knee-high tights from Witchery, sunnies from Temt, umm oh yeh and the best thing! A GIANT box of orange Tic Tacs. It's HUGE I tells ya!!

Hmm what else. Had work last night. Was working at conservatory, which is the bar in the middle of the Hyatts. Was a pretty cruisy night, stood around half the time with nothing to do. I like when I get paid to do shitall. :)

Ok that is all. Keep it real!

Tuesday, June 12

I Eat Cannibals!

I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. The dance moves! The outfits! The LYRICS! The hair! I love it when you uncover Youtube gems.

Friday, June 8


You can tell its exams time when I do 3 posts in a day. Well, nope, my computer clock says its 12:02 so this is technically tomorrow. Feck, I got work tonight.

Thursday, June 7


Ok, I just spent waaayyy too long messing around with the layout of this blog.

TIme I could have spent studying Biological Anthropology.


Just a quick update...

Just a quick update on what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks. I'll do them in dot points, coz you know, I'm all busy with exams and all that.

- Didn't get the admin assistant job. They wanted someone for 18 months, but I could only do 12 months (due to the prac I have in my final year). Either that, or I wasn't good enough. Sheeze, and gave myself a HUGE blister wearing my mum's shoes for nothing (they were half a size too small).

- Been studying for exams. Well, trying to. Realised that I missed exactly half the lectures for one unit (i.e. didn't go to 13 of the 26 lectures we had). Well, I had a clash for the Friday lecture, so it wasn't as though I wagged or anything. I just forgot to ilecture it during the weekends.

- Work people are really starting to grate on my nerves. Seriously, a little common courtesy on the phone would not go astray. They're super sugary nice to you if they need you to pick up extra shifts, but if you can't make it (yes, I've got a busy social life *cough*) they are so freaking rude. I'm talking hanging up the phone, yelling at you, demanding why you have plans on a Friday night. Sheeze. I don't really want to quit though, coz, I need the money and all. And the work itself isn't that bad. I just dread the 'withheld' number phone calls. *sigh*

- What else. Ohh yeahhhh! Possibly the most exciting news of all. Well, my aunt was here from Malaysia during the weekend, for a, um, visit to Burswood. Anyhoo, I went into the Pearl Room and she gave me a $1000 chip to play with. Well, minimum bet was $300 so I bet that much. It was Bacarrat. I only played three rounds (that was the most I could handle, with that much money! Nuts!). Anyhoo, I WON $900!!!! As in, I won all three rounds I played!!! AND THEN., my aunt said I could keep the money. AS IN, KEEP THE $1900. Nuts! After paying my mum the money I owed her, I still had enough to TRIPLE my bank balance. Which wasn't hard to do, considering the amount I had in there to begin with. Anyway, how fun. :)

- My cousin bought me new shoes! Black, pointy toed, slighltly raised off the ground (well, they're kinda like wedges, but almost flat). Love 'em!

- Went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, which was a first for me. They had all these different curries in different bowls with naan bread, and teh tarik. We found a suspicious-looking short, black hair in one of the curries.

Ok, time for me to hit the books. (Er, hit the WebCT? Heehee). Laters.

P.S. Yeh, that was 'Brangelina'. Or, as Mavis suggested, Brangilna. Heeee.

Monday, May 28

Guess who!

Guess who! First person to get it right wins... uh, a date with a ravishingly hot asian beauty. (Hmm I wonder who that could be...)
Its a bit easy though.

Friday, May 18

Sass & Bide Sale!

Yay went to the Sass & Bide sale today. I got two pairs of jeans, a grey acid-wash lowrise misfit and a blue classic rise one. Meng maybe got the same two too! Heh, how awesome are our tastes.

Hey Wee - I wanted black jeans too! But I didn't see any... well, not in my size anyway. If you got the same two too we should totally wear them all out together! Or maybe not...
Retail therapy really works huh. :D Especially when you get Sass & Bide jeans for $50!

Here's a visual:

Yeh, that's me. Couldn't you tell?

Thursday, May 17


So, with two essays due on Friday it is only natural I go on Ebay.

Apparently, I won a bid. It totally slipped my mind that I had bidded on it, and now I get an email saying I won it!

Well, I don't know if I love it, I mean, I definitely like it. Its a bag, for uni, kinda looks like them Hermes bags. It beige, not skin colour! *cough, Gabs!, cough*

Um. Well. Its too late for do-I-like-it-don't-I second guessing and what not, coz I got excited and paid for it already.

In my defence its only $33.98, which is less than two hours work.

I did not include postage, which is another hour's work. Rip-off, I know.

Thinking about it, the uni semester's nearly over, so by the time I get it it'll be holidays. Great. Four weeks is enough time for me to realise I don't like it afterall.

I'll post pictures, but I don't want people saying 'it's gross', or 'it's nice' or whatever, seeing as though I can't unpay it.


P.S. At work yesterday I learnt that you can order a $150 shot! Of what, you ask? Some Loius XVIIII or whatever champagne cognac. Yes, champage cognac. It retails for $6000 for the bottle. Imagine if I dropped the bottle...


Found a pic:

It's called the "REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac".

When I win lotto I'm gonna take a shower in it. No, not a bath, a shower, coz then I'll waste more. Noice.

Sunday, April 22


Today I went for lunch at No. 44 King Street with 'my friends from the island' (right, Meng?). Heh. It was fun, despite the hunt for parking and the long wait for the food and other misshaps involving a scooter and BLOOD.

Went Harbourtown afterwards, and got meself a jacket! Yay! It's pink and grey, and makes me look like a very hot lumberjack, if I do say so myself. I'm so excited, and now I'm hoping it'll get down to freezing temperatures soon so I'll get the chance to wear my lovely new jacket! So its more bang for my bucks, see.

Oh, I also got a new dress. Strapless, flowy, black with white print on it (at least a certain someone doesn't have this print in brown but bought in China for a fraction of the price!). I call it my 'forest dress', because sometimes if you're standing too close to the trees you don't see the forest. Or something to that effect.

Its 11pm now, and I've got an assignment due tomorrow and I haven't finished it. But my head is pounding. It's going *thud, thud, thud, thud* I think I'll go to sleep now, and finish my assignment in my three hour break tomorrow. Yeah. Good plan, Jia. *pats self on back*

Aight, over and out!

Tuesday, April 17


Hey, anyone know how to change the comment thingo? Like, you know how I got 'people commented', but I want to change it? HOW? It's not in settings, or layout, or ANYTHING.


Friday, April 13


I read this somewhere:

"An once in a lifetime oppurtunity."

That's not right, right? It's meant to be "A once in a lifetime oppurtunity", right?


It's annoying the hell out of me. Someone put me out of my misery?


Yawwn. Finished work at 3 last night. Fun. Been sitting here staring at the comp for the past 2 hours now, I know I've got alot of things I absolutely must get done, or I'll be very screwed in the following week. But. I really really really do not feel like doing it. My arms are sore. My legs are sore. The last thing I want to be thinking about right now is my Industrial Relations essay. But. Must persevere (yes, persevere as in the motto (slogan? logo? bahh) for good ol' CIDHS).

Anyhoos. Back to it.

Sunday, April 8

Attack of the Fringe Part 2

So, got myself a haircut yesterday. Pictures:

Hair down:
Tied up:

If you look at the hair down one, I think the fringe is too long? I kinda want it at a length so I can leave it down and still be able to SEE. But overall, I'm pretty pleased with the way my hair turned out. Its WISPY, not like that blunt fiasco you internet stalkers out there might remember from last year. Anyhoo, I went to some guy's house to get it cut, and it only costed me $10!! I think I like the price more than I like the cut, haha.

My one gripe though: he thinned out ALOT of my hair. Like, ALOT. I find that with most Asian hairdressers, they go: Woah your hair is so thick, let me thin it out for ya. But with white (Western?) hairdressers, they say: Wow you've got alot of volume, lucky you! Hmm. I'm not sure if thick hair is a good or bad attribute.

And since this post seems to be heading in the direction of a vain, girly one, I'm gonna put one more pic:

My new mascara!! It's called: *takes a big breath* 'Bourjois Yes to Volume No to Clumps Mascara'. I like I like! Its like a comb, and that pic you see is only after one coat. And its totally clumpless!! And really easy to use.

P.S. I drank coffee last night and couldn't sleep, that's why I was taking vain pics of my hair and mascara. I tend to take pics when I'm bored, at least you guys don't see some of the more stupid ones I take. Ha!

Sunday, April 1

Curls Curls Curls

So, I bought the Remington Curls Curls Curls hair hot tongs curler whatever-the-hell-its-called. $39.95, from Priceline. This was the result:

Nice. It turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would. And yes, I'm wearing pretty much the same outfit I wore to Yee Min's. And no, that necklace is not mine, it's Meng's.

No face shots because I'm shy.. or because I didn't take any. You decide.

Went to Ruby Room. Was alright. Ish.

Ok I don't wanna type anymore coz my laptop is on some stupid overtype mode, so I can't edit what I just typed. Got work soon anyways.

Sunday, March 25

Tuesday, March 20


So, I was doing my essay and I spelt 'whether' as 'wether' by mistake. I was surprised that Word didn't pick up on it as a misspelt word, so I looked up what 'wether' meant.

weth·er (wr)
A castrated ram.

O-kay then.

Friday, March 16

Been busy. Busy busy busy. Too busy to update. Here's a rundown of what I've been doing (not necessarily in order):

- Uni
- Shopping
- Work
- Caversham Wildlife Park
- The Maze
- Chocolate Factory in Swan Valley
- Cottesloe Sculptures By The Sea
- Sunday Market Stall

I've got an essay due next week and I haven't even chosen a topic yet!

I've got lotsa pics that I might post up if and when I have the time.


Saturday, March 10

Dandy Williams


gAb®ieLLe sent 9/03/2007 12:19 AM:
gAb®ieLLe sent 9/03/2007 12:19 AM:
i ahve no idea who dandy williams is
gAb®ieLLe sent 9/03/2007 12:19 AM:
im goignt o jump off a cliff


I have no idea who Dandy Williams is either. @_@;;

Thursday, March 8


I MET DAVID WALLIAMS!!! I MET DAVID WALLIAMS!!! I was doing room service last night and my manager knew I was a fan so he let me bring him his water and biscuits. And I actually TALKED to him!! AND I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH!!! AND HE WROTE MY NAME!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!

I know posting this post is kinda just pointless boasting, as the two people who this would have an effect on already knows (namely, Wendz and Wee). But. I am entitled to brag. COZ. I. AM. JUST. SO. DAMN. EXCITED/HAPPY/DELIRIOUS.
And if you don't know who David Walliams is then you can just jump off a cliff.

Here's some pics just for kicks:

P.S. Now I've got pics of naked men on my blog! I can cross that off my list of things to do now.

Tuesday, March 6

Social Class and Community Services, the Paths to Privilege

Blah blah blah governments blah blah welfare state blah blah capitalism blah blah.

How am I meant to write an essay on this article if my brain keeps wanting to think about other more interesting things. Like my fingernails. Or my eyebrows. Or how the paper in the lab room has changed from a yellow-white to a bright-white.

20 pages out of 21 more to go.

Monday, March 5

Mucking around with layout and that

Woot! As you can see, I have changed the layout and that of my blog. There's alot more options than livejournal hey. And no, the cherries do not mean or symbolise anything, I just thought they were pretty and seemed to fit in with my colour scheme.

I can see myself spending way too much time on doing this type of thing...

Feet, lollipops, swearing and Huoy Wei.

So yeh, not bothered to do a proper proper blog (what the hell is that anyways?). Hmm is 'anyways' meant to have an 's' at the end of it? Anyhoo. So, I'm not bothered so I'm just gonna type everything I can think of between now and 6:30. It is 6:18 now, according to my computer clock. Why 6:30 you ask? Well, NEIGHBOURS, duh.

Anyhoo, here goes:

My feet fucking hurts. Well, the bits behind my ankles, you know when you wear pumps and that bit always hurts, and you need to break in new shoes? And you kinda stick a band-aid there but it looks gay so you don't. Well, yeh. The skin rubbed off when I was wearing my new shoes when we went out for dimsum yesterday. Hmm was it yesterday, feels like a while ago. Yeh it hurts. Reeaaaallll baaaddd. :(

What else.

My essay partner's name is Tenelle. I like that name. There's a chick in class called Estee, I think that name's cool too. It is. *nods frantically*

I was having a discussion with someone today. We came to the conclusion that I swear too much. And that it kinda, I dunno, dilutes the power of the curse words. Like, if you swear like a sailor then people will kinda get accustomed to it, versus if you're meek or whatever you call people who don't swear... oh yeh, "polite". Anyhoo, if you're normally polite and you call someone a "fucker", then it'll make people sit up and take notice. Yeh.

My mum bought a bag of Starburst lollipops, I dunno what they're called. Suckers? Anyway, we opened the bag and there were only 8 lolliopops inside! I don't know what I expected, but it seems really little. And 3 of them were blueberry.

Huoy Wei owes me Mentos!! :D

I owe Huoy Wei $160. :(

It's 6:26.

I feel like I've got a billion and one things to do, yet nothing to do. Just uni stuff, I guess.

Well thats it. Over and out!

P.S. Well, obviously I put in the title AFTER I typed all that shit.

Friday, March 2

Obligatory first post ramblings.

So yeh. I now have a blogspot blog. I figured they have more templates and that. And more stalker abilities. I think. I still have some exploring to do, in terms of functions and that of blogspot.

And yes, this is actually my third attempt at blogging. Lets hope this one lasts. Whatever.