Saturday, July 28

Uni Angst (I like that word - ANGST!)

Hmm, haven't written anything in here for a while. Well, I guess there's nothing new to report. Semester 2 has started, blah blah. Oh yeh. I know what I can talk about! Well, as you may or may not know, I was enrolled in Science/Commerce for the first two years before I switched into Health Science/Commerce. Well, turns out that I've got too many level 1 science units, and I'm missing 12 points of level 2 science units. As in, I don't graduate if I don't have them. This means I will be overloading this semester (again) and next semester as well, and the one after that as well. Well, as much as a pain this is, I'm just glad that I found this out now while I still have time to deal with it. Imagine how pissed I would be if I finish my 5 years only to be told: nope, you can't graduate. So yeh, more fun times ahead with the overloading. But, I did get all Distinctions last sem, so can't be all that bad huh. (Yes, I know I'm bragging, I don't care, I fucking deserve it!) OR, I might be able to credit two of my level 1 science units as a level 2, in which case I won't need to overload. I'm kinda waiting for an email to decide my fate.

Ok, I don't care if none of youse got what I just typed, to you it might sound like blah blah uni blah points credit blah. But yeh that's about my main worry at the moment.

Oooh! I just got off the phone with Gabs!! From Singapore! How exciting! :D

Ok what else. Been working, did 8 hours last night, 6 the night before. Got work again tonight. My feet hurt. No, scrub that. My legs hurts. Like my whole entire leg, from standing long hours I guess. That, or as my brother puts it so eloquently (sp?) "It's coz you're fucking fat."

And on that happy note, I'm off!


Anonymous said...

Not surprised why he hasn't had a girlfriend.

Jia said...

Yeh, with charming manners like that...

Mai said...

Lol uni sucks :<