Thursday, July 19

Nude Shoes

Inspired by this post

I dunno. I used to think nude shoes looked a bit weird, coz its flesh-coloured and that. Well, I guess flesh-coloured if you're pinky-yellowy in colour, not if you're black or anything. Anyway, I digress. (Sheeze I always hated people who said I digress in blogs. Well, if you can't beat them...) ANYHOO. Lately I've been thinking that nude shoes would be so cool! Then I see this post on the iamfashion site.

They would match everything and anything! Coz they're basically just extensions of your legs, so they'll guarantee match whatever you're wearing! And I think they elongate your legs. So yeh. Purty.

Damn, I wish I needed new shoes. Shouldn't buy any more, considering I have like 3 new pairs I still haven't worn. The black denim-y pointy toe high heels, the black velvety stacked peep-toe heel and the pink strappy one. See, I remember them all! I just don't remember them when it actually comes to deciding what to wear when going out.

In other news, I can't believe Harry Potter got leaked! Well, it's not so surprising, I mean, given the high demand and interest in the books and the mass-coordination and all that that would go into shipping and delivering and that. But still! I'm really afraid that I'll be reading my normal sites and the spoiler "Voldemort is Harry Potter's father!" or something will pop up. Hehe, what a Star-Wars-ian twist.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a picture of the Harry Potter kids. I'm sure most of you would have seen this by now (well, those of you who stalk numerous celebrity/fashion sites anyway).

I think the wind is blowing it so it looks weird, but I love Katie's dress! Er. Except her purple burns victim leggings and matching shoes. But yeh. The dress looks like a water painting! Me likes very much. Hehe, and before I went to watch the movie, I thought the blonde next to Rupert was the actress who played Ginny, not Luna Lovegood. Hehe. I thought she dyed her hair or something.


Mai said...

Ooo nude shoes, I have mixed feelings for it...not sure if i like it lol, HARRY POTTER! CAN'T WAIT TIL ITS OUT!! day after i'm back <3333

Jia said...

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter!

I'm excited! It'll be sad when its over though, no more books to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of nude almond toe heels. They go with absolutely everything. Except maybe yellow. Love it with purple but. Definitely buy a pair if you find the right one.