Monday, May 28

Guess who!

Guess who! First person to get it right wins... uh, a date with a ravishingly hot asian beauty. (Hmm I wonder who that could be...)
Its a bit easy though.

Friday, May 18

Sass & Bide Sale!

Yay went to the Sass & Bide sale today. I got two pairs of jeans, a grey acid-wash lowrise misfit and a blue classic rise one. Meng maybe got the same two too! Heh, how awesome are our tastes.

Hey Wee - I wanted black jeans too! But I didn't see any... well, not in my size anyway. If you got the same two too we should totally wear them all out together! Or maybe not...
Retail therapy really works huh. :D Especially when you get Sass & Bide jeans for $50!

Here's a visual:

Yeh, that's me. Couldn't you tell?

Thursday, May 17


So, with two essays due on Friday it is only natural I go on Ebay.

Apparently, I won a bid. It totally slipped my mind that I had bidded on it, and now I get an email saying I won it!

Well, I don't know if I love it, I mean, I definitely like it. Its a bag, for uni, kinda looks like them Hermes bags. It beige, not skin colour! *cough, Gabs!, cough*

Um. Well. Its too late for do-I-like-it-don't-I second guessing and what not, coz I got excited and paid for it already.

In my defence its only $33.98, which is less than two hours work.

I did not include postage, which is another hour's work. Rip-off, I know.

Thinking about it, the uni semester's nearly over, so by the time I get it it'll be holidays. Great. Four weeks is enough time for me to realise I don't like it afterall.

I'll post pictures, but I don't want people saying 'it's gross', or 'it's nice' or whatever, seeing as though I can't unpay it.


P.S. At work yesterday I learnt that you can order a $150 shot! Of what, you ask? Some Loius XVIIII or whatever champagne cognac. Yes, champage cognac. It retails for $6000 for the bottle. Imagine if I dropped the bottle...


Found a pic:

It's called the "REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac".

When I win lotto I'm gonna take a shower in it. No, not a bath, a shower, coz then I'll waste more. Noice.