Tuesday, November 27


So, haven't posted anything here for a while. Been really busy with work lately, did 5 shifts last week, and doing 6 this week. And they're crazy shifts, like 10 hours or my longest yet, 13! Can't wait to get paid!

OMG I love the holidays. I love working, and going out with work people. Although I miss my non-work friends, I feel like I havent seen ANY of youse in yonks! But yeh, went to Metros last Saturday with work people, and then Burswood on Sunday with work people again. I think I like work people coz they tend to be more, er, liberal with the drinks. Heh. Got work at 5 tonight, then going to the manager's birthday afterwads. Should be good. And then I'm going Newport Wednesday night with Gabs, then karaoke with work people on Friday. Yes, ain't I a party animal. Rawr. *meows*

Anyhoo, between all that work and going out, I feel like I havent actually had time to sit down and do nothing in a while. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, I like keeping busy, being productive. (Who would have thought, this time last year, that I would actaully like going to work?!)

But the downside is that I haven't seen my family in a while, they're usually at work by the time I drag myself out of bed, and they're all sleeping when I get home. Even on weekends, I sleep the whole day then rush to work. I just realised I got a haircut 2 days ago and no-one in my family has seen it yet! *blink blink*

Anyhoo, all this work work work means moolah in my bank, which means I have to go shopping or something. Dunno if I can be bothered going shopping before work today though, see who wants to go with me I suppose.

Alright, I'm out! (... of the closet)

P.S. Anyone still read this thing? Leave a comment if you do, even if it is anonymous, just so I can gauge whether or not I should even bother updating this thing.

Thursday, November 1