Sunday, March 25

Tuesday, March 20


So, I was doing my essay and I spelt 'whether' as 'wether' by mistake. I was surprised that Word didn't pick up on it as a misspelt word, so I looked up what 'wether' meant.

weth·er (wr)
A castrated ram.

O-kay then.

Friday, March 16

Been busy. Busy busy busy. Too busy to update. Here's a rundown of what I've been doing (not necessarily in order):

- Uni
- Shopping
- Work
- Caversham Wildlife Park
- The Maze
- Chocolate Factory in Swan Valley
- Cottesloe Sculptures By The Sea
- Sunday Market Stall

I've got an essay due next week and I haven't even chosen a topic yet!

I've got lotsa pics that I might post up if and when I have the time.


Saturday, March 10

Dandy Williams


gAb®ieLLe sent 9/03/2007 12:19 AM:
gAb®ieLLe sent 9/03/2007 12:19 AM:
i ahve no idea who dandy williams is
gAb®ieLLe sent 9/03/2007 12:19 AM:
im goignt o jump off a cliff


I have no idea who Dandy Williams is either. @_@;;

Thursday, March 8


I MET DAVID WALLIAMS!!! I MET DAVID WALLIAMS!!! I was doing room service last night and my manager knew I was a fan so he let me bring him his water and biscuits. And I actually TALKED to him!! AND I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH!!! AND HE WROTE MY NAME!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!

I know posting this post is kinda just pointless boasting, as the two people who this would have an effect on already knows (namely, Wendz and Wee). But. I am entitled to brag. COZ. I. AM. JUST. SO. DAMN. EXCITED/HAPPY/DELIRIOUS.
And if you don't know who David Walliams is then you can just jump off a cliff.

Here's some pics just for kicks:

P.S. Now I've got pics of naked men on my blog! I can cross that off my list of things to do now.

Tuesday, March 6

Social Class and Community Services, the Paths to Privilege

Blah blah blah governments blah blah welfare state blah blah capitalism blah blah.

How am I meant to write an essay on this article if my brain keeps wanting to think about other more interesting things. Like my fingernails. Or my eyebrows. Or how the paper in the lab room has changed from a yellow-white to a bright-white.

20 pages out of 21 more to go.

Monday, March 5

Mucking around with layout and that

Woot! As you can see, I have changed the layout and that of my blog. There's alot more options than livejournal hey. And no, the cherries do not mean or symbolise anything, I just thought they were pretty and seemed to fit in with my colour scheme.

I can see myself spending way too much time on doing this type of thing...

Feet, lollipops, swearing and Huoy Wei.

So yeh, not bothered to do a proper proper blog (what the hell is that anyways?). Hmm is 'anyways' meant to have an 's' at the end of it? Anyhoo. So, I'm not bothered so I'm just gonna type everything I can think of between now and 6:30. It is 6:18 now, according to my computer clock. Why 6:30 you ask? Well, NEIGHBOURS, duh.

Anyhoo, here goes:

My feet fucking hurts. Well, the bits behind my ankles, you know when you wear pumps and that bit always hurts, and you need to break in new shoes? And you kinda stick a band-aid there but it looks gay so you don't. Well, yeh. The skin rubbed off when I was wearing my new shoes when we went out for dimsum yesterday. Hmm was it yesterday, feels like a while ago. Yeh it hurts. Reeaaaallll baaaddd. :(

What else.

My essay partner's name is Tenelle. I like that name. There's a chick in class called Estee, I think that name's cool too. It is. *nods frantically*

I was having a discussion with someone today. We came to the conclusion that I swear too much. And that it kinda, I dunno, dilutes the power of the curse words. Like, if you swear like a sailor then people will kinda get accustomed to it, versus if you're meek or whatever you call people who don't swear... oh yeh, "polite". Anyhoo, if you're normally polite and you call someone a "fucker", then it'll make people sit up and take notice. Yeh.

My mum bought a bag of Starburst lollipops, I dunno what they're called. Suckers? Anyway, we opened the bag and there were only 8 lolliopops inside! I don't know what I expected, but it seems really little. And 3 of them were blueberry.

Huoy Wei owes me Mentos!! :D

I owe Huoy Wei $160. :(

It's 6:26.

I feel like I've got a billion and one things to do, yet nothing to do. Just uni stuff, I guess.

Well thats it. Over and out!

P.S. Well, obviously I put in the title AFTER I typed all that shit.

Friday, March 2

Obligatory first post ramblings.

So yeh. I now have a blogspot blog. I figured they have more templates and that. And more stalker abilities. I think. I still have some exploring to do, in terms of functions and that of blogspot.

And yes, this is actually my third attempt at blogging. Lets hope this one lasts. Whatever.