Thursday, October 25


So, if you look at the top right hand corner of this blog, there's a nifty little countdown timer. What's it couting down to? End of exams, of course! After which I will be free free freeee as a bird. Oh, but will be working heaps, hopefully. To save up for the holiday of a lifetime! Hawaii! Woot woot so excited. :D

And yes, the only reason why I'm updating this dinosaur of a blog is cause Ive got an essay due tomorrow. Worth 45%. I'm about 70% there I reckon. But I have to finish it today. Coz I've got work tonight. It will be my second night of my 5-shifts-in-a-row mania. That's nuts I tells ya! But I think of the moolah. And Hawaii!

Thursday, October 18

So, here's the video of Westlife's 'Home'. Imagine sitting in the seat behind Nicky on a plane!

And Michael Buble's 'Lost', just so he doesn't feel left out.