Sunday, July 22

'Arry Pothead!

WARNING: Don't read unless you want to know what happens in Harry Potter!

Ok, so I can't not do a Harry Potter post. All the cool kids are doing it!

So yeah. WOW. What a book. What an ending. I'm amazed at all the details which seem to all end up perfectly explained in this book, all the little bits and pieces of information from the previous seven books which ties in all beautifully in the last book. It makes me wonder though, if the author really had it all planned out from the first book, or whether a lot of the things were kinda made up as she went along. Things like, I dunno, all the pensieve moments of James as school kids. Or the not-so-subtle hints at Aberforth being Dumbledore's brother. Or all the charms and spells. But then again, this is the Harry Potter world, where magic seems to make anything seem possible. Or at the very least, offer an explanation to any abnomalies.

And I'm glad Snape was not the baddie. Kinda expected it though, with all those hints throughout the books of Dumbledore having an iron-clad reason to trust him. But. I did not like how the reason was coz he was in love with Lily Evans! I mean, WTF?! That's bordering on a soap opera twist! At least he wasn't Harry's father though. Even though that would've been impossible, as Harry is meant to be a dead-ringer for James Potter. Except for the eyes, he has Lily's eyes. Sheeze, how many times has that been rammed down our throats. But yeh he ended up naming one of his kids Albus Severus, with the other kids James and Lily. Kinda unfair how he got to pick, or at least was a major force in deciding the names of his kids. I mean, Ginny had lost family members too, I thought at least one of them would've been a Fred. Maybe James' middle name is Fred. Although that's not a very middle-name-ish name, issit?

Hmmm what else. Oh yeh, I had this amazing theory on Aunt Petunia being a closet witch, or Dudley having powers, and I dunno, doing something. But no, they kinda just went into hiding in the second chapter, and that was the last they were ever mentioned of again. I also read somewhere online that Dumbledore and/or McGonagall had spouses, I had this wild idea that Dumbledore had a wife with magical mystical powers. Or at least had had a secret love affair with McGonagall. *sniggers*

Got more stuff, but kinda can't be bothered doing this blogging thing no more. Gonna go see if there are any online discussion posts for the new book!

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