Friday, August 17


Hmm, time for another blog methinks. Well, been working heaps. Between uni and work, I don't seem to have enough time (or motivation!) to do other things. Including tute readings but ppfftt, who does them anyway?

Oh yeh! We got burglarised! I came home from work the other day at 3am, and saw a cop car parked outside and the lights in my house on. Anyhoo, turns out that someone jumped the fence into our backyard and took off with my brother's weights and dumbbells. My dad heard a noise and ran outside and saw someone and yelled at him. The person took about 20kg worth of weights, including the bar. The funny thing was he left his thongs behind when my dad surprised him, and the cops bagged that up and took it away. What are they going to do, run tests on it?? Start patrolling the streets looking for a barefooted bogan? (I'm assuming its a bogan.) But yeh we'll claim insurance, lucky they didn't take anything else.

In other news, I'm on Facebook! Er, yeah.