Thursday, January 17

Ho hum.

Ho hum.

Thursday, January 10

Looking for the perfect bag

Over the past couple of weeks I have been looking for a bag. Well actually, for two bags. I need a smaller handbag-type bag for normal stuff, as all my bags seem to be dying on me. As in buckles coming undone in the middle of shopping, or little studs flying off exposing the frayed edges. The other bag I have been looking for is a holiday bag, one big enough to fit things such as a spare cardigan, water bottle, wallet, passport, itinerary, you know, all those random things you need when you're overseas.

Anyhoo, while scouring the net I found a few pieces that are just exactly what I've been lookign for. Except for, you know, the prices and all.

I love the shape! And the colours! Why can't I find anything even remotely similiar to this in Perth? Grrr. THis is by D&G, by the way.

And then, there are the Witchery bags. I was contemplating buying one, I forgot which but it was $250. They're made out of a really soft, good quality leather and I was justifying it to myself by saying that I'll be using it for years to come, as they are all versatile and classic designs. But. I can't bring myself to splurge $250 on a bag, even though its not that much money, I mean, if I want, I could break it down and say its only 12.5 hours work. But, on the other hand, it'll be nearly RM750 in Malaysia, which is A LOT of money. I mean, you can probably feed a whole family for a month! Or two even! Anyway, I digress. Here are some pretty pictures:

They're all so pretty! I especially like the second one, and the last one. *sigh*