Sunday, April 22


Today I went for lunch at No. 44 King Street with 'my friends from the island' (right, Meng?). Heh. It was fun, despite the hunt for parking and the long wait for the food and other misshaps involving a scooter and BLOOD.

Went Harbourtown afterwards, and got meself a jacket! Yay! It's pink and grey, and makes me look like a very hot lumberjack, if I do say so myself. I'm so excited, and now I'm hoping it'll get down to freezing temperatures soon so I'll get the chance to wear my lovely new jacket! So its more bang for my bucks, see.

Oh, I also got a new dress. Strapless, flowy, black with white print on it (at least a certain someone doesn't have this print in brown but bought in China for a fraction of the price!). I call it my 'forest dress', because sometimes if you're standing too close to the trees you don't see the forest. Or something to that effect.

Its 11pm now, and I've got an assignment due tomorrow and I haven't finished it. But my head is pounding. It's going *thud, thud, thud, thud* I think I'll go to sleep now, and finish my assignment in my three hour break tomorrow. Yeah. Good plan, Jia. *pats self on back*

Aight, over and out!

Tuesday, April 17


Hey, anyone know how to change the comment thingo? Like, you know how I got 'people commented', but I want to change it? HOW? It's not in settings, or layout, or ANYTHING.


Friday, April 13


I read this somewhere:

"An once in a lifetime oppurtunity."

That's not right, right? It's meant to be "A once in a lifetime oppurtunity", right?


It's annoying the hell out of me. Someone put me out of my misery?


Yawwn. Finished work at 3 last night. Fun. Been sitting here staring at the comp for the past 2 hours now, I know I've got alot of things I absolutely must get done, or I'll be very screwed in the following week. But. I really really really do not feel like doing it. My arms are sore. My legs are sore. The last thing I want to be thinking about right now is my Industrial Relations essay. But. Must persevere (yes, persevere as in the motto (slogan? logo? bahh) for good ol' CIDHS).

Anyhoos. Back to it.

Sunday, April 8

Attack of the Fringe Part 2

So, got myself a haircut yesterday. Pictures:

Hair down:
Tied up:

If you look at the hair down one, I think the fringe is too long? I kinda want it at a length so I can leave it down and still be able to SEE. But overall, I'm pretty pleased with the way my hair turned out. Its WISPY, not like that blunt fiasco you internet stalkers out there might remember from last year. Anyhoo, I went to some guy's house to get it cut, and it only costed me $10!! I think I like the price more than I like the cut, haha.

My one gripe though: he thinned out ALOT of my hair. Like, ALOT. I find that with most Asian hairdressers, they go: Woah your hair is so thick, let me thin it out for ya. But with white (Western?) hairdressers, they say: Wow you've got alot of volume, lucky you! Hmm. I'm not sure if thick hair is a good or bad attribute.

And since this post seems to be heading in the direction of a vain, girly one, I'm gonna put one more pic:

My new mascara!! It's called: *takes a big breath* 'Bourjois Yes to Volume No to Clumps Mascara'. I like I like! Its like a comb, and that pic you see is only after one coat. And its totally clumpless!! And really easy to use.

P.S. I drank coffee last night and couldn't sleep, that's why I was taking vain pics of my hair and mascara. I tend to take pics when I'm bored, at least you guys don't see some of the more stupid ones I take. Ha!

Sunday, April 1

Curls Curls Curls

So, I bought the Remington Curls Curls Curls hair hot tongs curler whatever-the-hell-its-called. $39.95, from Priceline. This was the result:

Nice. It turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would. And yes, I'm wearing pretty much the same outfit I wore to Yee Min's. And no, that necklace is not mine, it's Meng's.

No face shots because I'm shy.. or because I didn't take any. You decide.

Went to Ruby Room. Was alright. Ish.

Ok I don't wanna type anymore coz my laptop is on some stupid overtype mode, so I can't edit what I just typed. Got work soon anyways.